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Swordsfall RPG - An Afropunk Sci Fantasy Roleplaying Game (COMING SOON!)

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Tabletop RPG
The central rulebook for the Swordsfall Roleplaying Universe.   Kickstarter coming after Welcome to Tikor is released (Late 2020/Early 2021)!   Swordsfall RPG is what's called a Cinematic Game. That means that rather than rely completely on the dice to decide the action, the players get to describe the action....

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Product Description

Swordsfall RPG

The central rulebook for the Swordsfall Roleplaying Universe.


Kickstarter coming after Welcome to Tikor is released (Late 2020/Early 2021)!


Swordsfall RPG is what's called a Cinematic Game. That means that rather than rely completely on the dice to decide the action, the players get to describe the action. This is all done to give you the player more creative control of their character's actions.

However, there is still "crunch" or that is number driven combat. The dice still determine whether you succeed or lose. But with the Cinematic Play, you truly get to describe what that success and failure looks like.

Part of this cinema is played out using advantages and disadvantages tied with rolling a particular number. These are direction dice related ways of cinematic play. Succeeded with a disadvantage means you won, but there was some sort of drawback. An innocent guard walks by during a heist, you spill your drink on an innocent bystander after flirting with your heart's desire.

The Swordsfall RPG Dice

There are 6 dice in the Swordsfall RPG, three with good results and three with bad results.

Positive Dice
  • Talent Dice (d8) – One of the main dice used. It represents the skill or stat that best displays your talent in something. Think of the Talent Dice as not just any action but trying to do something above the normal. Not improbable, just not the standard.
  • Knack Dice (d12) – A talent is learned, but some things are innate. Something a person is just GOOD at. Knack is a representation of when your natural talent is amplified by your learned skills in life. An upgraded version of the Talent Dice.
  • Luck Dice (d6) – Sometimes it’s not about your talent or your Knack at something. It’s just about pure utter luck. Either luck set up through previous actions or capitalizing on the fault of others.
Negative Dice
  • Difficulty Dice (d8) – Every action comes at some cost, challenge, or complexity. Some difficulties are always the same, a mountain it a mountain after all. Others are variable and based on the situation.
  • Disaster Dice (d12) – In life there are difficult actions and then REALLY dangerous actions. This can be because what your doing is extra difficult by default. Mount Everest is more than just a mountain for instance. An upgraded version of the Difficulty Dice.
  • Complication Dice (d6) – Just as much as life sometimes delivers luck, it delivers misfortune as well. It comes in the way of a hindrance to the situation that can’t be foreseen. Tikor’s weather itself is often a complication.

Combat System

The Swordsfall RPG has an interesting take on action economy in a tabletop RPG.


The Combat Flow has three main parts; Opener, Transition, and Finisher.

Opener – Techniques that can only be used at the beginning of a turn. A successful Opener allows the use of Transition Type moves. Unless otherwise stated an Opener cannot come after another Opener. Openers generally require an action to trigger.

Transition – Techniques that come after another move that sets them up, an Opener. The amount of Transition moves you may use is usually determined by the Opener. These moves generally cost no resources.

Finisher – Techniques that usually mark the end of your action. Big flashy moves that can usually only be used after an Opener or Transition. Powerful moves that usually require Advantages to fuel.

Buff – Techniques that give effects to the user and/or those around them. Activating them sometime requires Ether. Either way, the buff has to be maintained or refreshed each turn unless otherwise said. Most buffs have an area-wide enough to encompass a party of friendless.

Hex – Short term negative buffs

Curse – Long term negative buff. Very powerful and can last a long time.

Active – Techniques that don’t fall into any special category. These are often basic Hekan Techniques that serve a single purpose or flows into another type of Technique.

Passive – These abilities are innate to the user and persist without any need for activation. Whether the source is magical or physical, the mental/physical output is so minimal that they are active no matter what.

For more about the Combat System...


The Swordsfall RPG will contain over 30 Professions, each of them representing a part of Tikor. Each Profession is unique as it's not a class, it's a job. A career...a profession.

  • Invoker
  • Spirit Medium
  • Atoner
  • Deadquiver
  • Celestial Shield
  • Jalen
  • Griot


The Swordsfall RPG Crafting System

Rather than resource management, in the Swordsfall RPG it is all about Creation Points. It is a measure of the overall time spent gathering materials, refining them, and the sheer time and effort of creating it. Creating an item is never about if your allowed to or not, but rather, can YOU?

Each component of crafting an item has a Creation Point value. The rarer the component, the more damage it can cause, the more qualities it has, the more Creation Points it will cost. Once you’ve figured out what components you want your item to have, you then compare your final total to the Creation Chart. It will tell you what the Item Rarity is based on the CP, and then the time and energy it would take to make it.

Each level MUST be taken before the next one may be taken.

Example: A Striking Weapon starts at a Base Damage of 1. To reach Damage 4 you must buy Damage 2, Damage 3, AND Damage 4, making it cost a total of 20 Creation Points.

For more about the Crafting System...

Until Then...

For a small taste of the Swordsfall RPG in the time being, check out Summit of Kings!

Kickstarter coming after Welcome to Tikor is released (Late 2020/Early 2021)!


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