Shadow Academy - A Naruto Inspired Swordsfall Campaign Setting (Early Access)
Afropunk Ninja's in Disguise What started as a Naruto convert has become something so much more! It's now a Swordsfall Campaign Setting and our first Early Access style game. Instead of the ninjas of Naruto, we now have the Axums...
$29.99 $14.99
Swordsfall RPG - An Afropunk Sci Fantasy Roleplaying Game (COMING SOON!)
The central rulebook for the Swordsfall Roleplaying Universe.   Kickstarter coming after Welcome to Tikor is released (Late 2020/Early 2021)!   Swordsfall RPG is what's called a Cinematic Game. That means that rather than rely completely on the dice to...
The Fifth Ebon Expedition: Journey to the Ebon Cascade - A Swordsfall Campaign Setting (Coming Soon)
A Journey to a Cursed Land Digitally exclusively on Role. To the west of the Kingdom of Ramnos lies a cursed and tainted land. The Ebon Cascade. For many in Ramnos, it serves as a constant threat. A source of...
from $29.99
The Summit of Kings - Battle for the Supreme Jalen, A Swordsfall Adventure
NO COREBOOK NEEDED! THIS IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT. Softcover Available on Amazon! The Summit of Kings is a 2 - 4 player one-shot set in the Swordsfall universe. It can be played in several different ways. You can play it...
$12.99 from $4.99

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