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Shadow Academy - A Naruto Inspired Swordsfall Campaign Setting (Early Access)

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Tabletop RPG
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Afropunk Ninja's in Disguise What started as a Naruto convert has become something so much more! It's now a Swordsfall Campaign Setting and our first Early Access style game. Instead of the ninjas of Naruto, we now have the Axums of Swordsfall. Current Version: 0.61 For Patch Notes head to...
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Product Description

Afropunk Ninja's in Disguise

What started as a Naruto convert has become something so much more! It's now a Swordsfall Campaign Setting and our first Early Access style game. Instead of the ninjas of Naruto, we now have the Axums of Swordsfall.

Current Version: 0.61

For Patch Notes head to the Swordsfall Blog

For the Character Generator Click Here

Welcome to the Shadow Society, the secret world within Tikor. Various Shadow Academies are spread throughout the world. Each one dedicated to the development and execution of the Shadow Arts.


  • 180 Page Rulebook
  • Freeform System that lets you build what you want.
  • Over 100 abilities to build your Axum with.
  • Rules to make your own Shadow Arts, abilities that let you control the very elements.
  • Dynamic Martial Arts that let you juggle your foe.
  • Weapon based abilities.
  • Psychic Arts that let you mentally trick your enemy.
  • Unique Axum Clans inspired by the anime.
  • Tools and Equipment Lists


Shadow Academy is currently in Early Access. If you've played Steam games you know what that means. For the rest, it's like saying a Beta that you can play as it's being constructed. The price will rise as the Shadow Academy is continued to be worked on.

The earlier you get it, the cheaper the price will be. But no matter when you get the game you'll updates FOREVER, for FREE. Think of this as a way to play the current form of the game and also give actionable feedback.

The Shadow Academy Road Map

The following is a list of what’s to come.

Unique Axum Clans

  • Add Desert Shadow Clans
  • Add Ocean’s Shadow Clans
  • Add Jagged Shadow Clans
  • Add Infinite Shadow Clans


  • Slight revision and update of Traits

Shadow Arts

  • Update Non-Elemental Techniques
  • Add A-Rank and S-Rank Fire Techniques
  • Update Wind Release Techniques
  • Update Water Release Techniques
  • Update Earth Release Techniques
  • Flesh out lower ranks of Lightning Release Techniques

Martial Arts

  • Finish Iron Fist Style
  • Finish Arhat Fist Style
  • Finish Ether Flow Style
  • Finish Shadow Clone Fighting Style


  • Fully flesh out existing Techniques
  • Add additional Weapon Techniques
  • Develop and separate Puppet Techniques

Summoning Arts

  • Add rules for Summons
  • Add stats for Summons
  • Add additional creatures to all existing Summon groups
  • Add new Summon groups

Medical Arts

  • Add rules for existing Medical Techniques
  • Detail existing Medical Techniques
  • Add additional Medical Techniques

Psychic Arts

  • Add rules for Psychic Arts
  • Add additional Psychic Art Techniques

Sealing Arts

  • Add rules for Sealing Arts
  • Add additional Sealing Art Techniques

Bloodline Abilities

  • Clarify Bloodline abilities text
  • Add rules for all existing Bloodline abilities

Future Content

The following is a list of content updates planned for the far future.

  • Additional Archetypes
  • Subsection for Divination Techniques
  • Add Custom Martial Art rules
  • Add Custom Psychic Art rules
  • Add Combination Technique Rules
  • Add Villians
  • Add Heroic NPC’s
  • Add additional Infamy System rules
  • Add a set of Missions
  • Detail the Terminology Chapter
  • Add additional Tools/Equipment
  • Add Custom Equipment system
  • Boruto related Techniques


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
So much love.

It's super clear that love and care was put into this game idea. Everything feels so familiar and the flavor changes are absolutely awesome.
I haven't gotten to play it but I've read through it a couple times and I can't wait for more of the techniques to be added and villages expanded upon because I would love to run a small campaign in this.
Stellar work all around. Look forward to all the updates!

Hyped and want to play it right now

I haven't gotten to play this yet, but i have read through it and it makes my brain very happy on so many levels. I know I just got the pdf for it, but I can't wait for the finalized version and I'm hoping there will be a physical copy I'll be able to grab. Post-quarantine is gonna be awesome

Shadows and Axums

I've read a couple of different versions of the rules so far, and like it says at the top this is different system from Summit of Kings but it is no less a Swordsfall Campaign, and this is a great way of getting in on the ground level of Swordsfall, paying $15 for what is going to be a full RPG on it's own is damn good.

First thing is the story and setting of Swordsfall as always with anything that Brandon does is the flavor, the rules are the meat, and both of them are as, I have come to observe the last year and a bit, even at early access top quality work, but again it's something that Brandon does, quality.

I never saw Naruto before myself but reading this has made me want to watch it.


I really do love getting place settings and exploring new worlds in TTRPGs, and if you like Naruto you'll love Shadow Academy. Everything is incredibly thought out, from the setting to character creation, and even combat. This 189 pdf has it all. Highly recommend

Excellent setting

Here are the rules for the magic ninjas of Swordsfall. The character creation and combat systems are very straightforward and capture the feel of anime.

Tailor-made with passion

Swordsfall is a passion project beyond the beyond. Every book is carefully plotted out, and every piece of merchandise is made with love.

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A Connected Universe

Swordsfall Studios is about more than just a single book. It's about the world of Tikor as whole. From a Setting Book to Graphic Novel, we do it all.

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