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Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel

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Graphic Novel
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AVAILABLE HERE AND AMAZON "So, wake up, Dreamer. Wake up and seize your fate." The Withering King Xavian has somehow spread his corruption to The Tapestry, the connected network of slumbering humans. His corruption is causing dreams to turn and become twisted in strange and unnatural ways. Your once innocent dreams become sinister...
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Ishvana Cover (Physical + Digital)
Xavian Cover (Physical + Digital)
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Product Description


Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel (DIGITAL)

Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel (DIGITAL)

"So, wake up, Dreamer. Wake up and seize your fate."

The Withering King Xavian has somehow spread his corruption to The Tapestry, the connected network of slumbering humans. His corruption is causing dreams to turn and become twisted in strange and unnatural ways. Your once innocent dreams become sinister nightmares capable of corrupting your mortal soul into something else...

"But fear not, Dreamer..."

Dreamweavers from around the world, like myself, have banded together to stem the tide of corruption. But we need your help, Dreamer. The only way to push Xavian away and out of The Tapestry is through the combined might of human dreams. This means that we must enter the dreams of slumbering humans around Tikor and wake them to the dangers we face.

Only once you Dreamers are awake can you affect your dreams and push back against the corrupting forces of Xavian.

"So, wake up, Dreamer. Wake up and seize your fate."

The Seamripper Beckons

Drift of Dreams IS a 184-page full-color graphic novel set within the Swordsfall universe. You will find stories from people across Tikor within these pages, caught in the struggle for power between ancient beings. It's a struggle that humans never asked for yet are nevertheless entangled in. Where once Tikor the battlefield, it's now in the theater of the mind. A dreamworld where humans have all the power, and yet none.

Some humans revel in the chance to fight against the corruption that threatens to break the dreamworld. When the Dreamweavers awaken them, they use their dreams and push back against Xavian.

Jabari is Ready.

On the other hand, some find themselves pulled to the dark seduction of The Withering King. Which one of their darkest nightmares are actually their greatest wish? Xavian knows, and he shows them visions of things yet to come.


The central group of Dreamweavers, known as The Kelm, have dispatched their most talented 'Weaver, a private figure known as The Seeker, to deal with the rising threat. They say that when it comes to diving through the connected dreamscape, no one is better.

However, The Seeker isn't the only one in The Tapestry with a mission. Deep amidst the dreams, a corrupted Dreamweaver lurks. Having succumbed to the vile curse of Xavian's Touch, they are now the conduit allowing the god of corruption to invade The Tapestry.

Drift of Dreams - A Swordsfall Graphic Novel (DIGITAL)

Dual Covers

The Drift of Dreams graphic novel will have TWO covers to pick from. The Goddess of Creation, Ishvana, or The Withering King, Xavian.

The Ishvana graphic novel cover is drawn by Swordsfall Lead Artist Tumo Mere. If you've been following Swordsfall at all, then his art should be no surprise to you! His art leads the style and design of Swordsfall, bringing a real taste of Africa to the world.

The Xavian graphic novel cover is drawn by legendary Artist Chris Cold. Cold is a bit of a hidden name in the art world. You may not know his name off the top of your head, but his work is in dozens of books, games, and even movies. The way he draws terrifying and creepy figures is among some of the best. His name was the first in mind when it came to bringing the foreboding corruption of Xavian to life.

The Dual Covers for Drift of Dreams

Will you patron Ishvana or Xavian?


For this Graphic Novel, we've brought together an amazing crew of artists from around the world. All of them are excited to bring the unique flavor of diversity that is Swordsfall to ink. Be sure to visit their sites and add them on social media!

Even if it’s not on this project, we all always believe in SUPPORTING THE ARTIST.
Drift of Dream Artist - Bex Glending
Drift of Dream Artist - Bex Glendining

Bex Glendining

  •  Twitter - @lgions
  •  Website - lgions.com
Drift of Dreams Artist - Bre Indigo
Drift of Dreams Artist - Bre Indigo


Bre Indigo (NDGO)

  •  Website - http://breindigo.com/
  •  Patreon - http://patreon.com/ndgoarts
  •  Linktree - https://linktr.ee/NDGOarts
Drift of Dream Artist - Joshua Small (TheKodo)
Drift of Dream Artist - Joshua Small (TheKodo)

Joshua Small (TheKodo)

  •  Twitter - http://twitter.com/xthekodo
  •  Instagram - http://instagram.com/the.kodo
Drift of Dream Artist - Kameron White
Drift of Dream Artist - Kameron White

Kameron White

  •  Twitter - https://twitter.com/spacejam_kam
  •  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/spacejamkamart/?hl=en
Drift of Dream Artist - Mariá "Raposa Branca" Scárdua
Drift of Dream Artist - Mariá "Raposa Branca" Scárdua

Mariá "Raposa Branca" Scárdua

  •  Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/Raposabranca13
  •  Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/raposabranca
Drift of Dream Artist - Morgan Madeline
Drift of Dream Artist - Morgan Madeline

Morgan Madeline

  •  Twitter - https://twitter.com/mormadillus
  •  Artstation - https://mmmadeline.artstation.com/
Drift of Dream Artist - Omotola Oyefodunrin
Drift of Dream Artist - Omotola Oyefodunrin

Omotola Oyefodunrin

  •  Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/TolaLDN
  •  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/artoftolagram
  •  Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/artoftola
Drift of Dreams Artist - Sonya Henar
Drift of Dreams Artist - Sonya Henar

Sonya Henar

    Drift of Dreams Artist - Tanni Brown
    Drift of Dreams Artist - Tanni Brown

    Tanni  "Queen Beanie" Brown

    "The idea behind my sample is rooted in my struggles with dreams. Anxiety dreams and nightmares that leave the body in pain from it, reacting to the stress. So I found the idea of the poisoning of the Tapestry extremely cool. That character is as close to what I envision to messing up everyone's dreams. Like The tapestry is bleeding thick, dark slime that swallows light.
     And victims of their blight have a mark that they only they can see, that gets bigger over time."
    •  Twitter - https://twitter.com/queenbeanie
    •  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/queenbean_ie/
    •  Artstation - https://tannibeanie.com/
    Drift of Dream Artist - Wayne C. Spence
    Drift of Dream Artist - Wayne C. Spence

    Wayne C. Spencer

    •  Twitter - https://twitter.com/KidGalactus
    •  Site - http://spencerranch.net/


    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Robbie Breininger
    Absolutely awesome, I recommend 100%!!

    I read Drift of Dreams in one sitting, because the first chapter hooked me into the story immediately. The whole book is phenomenal! Drift of Dreams is absolutely worth reading!!

    Grace R.
    A Delightful Romp

    I wish that most of the graphic novels that I read when I was younger were like this! The artistic direction differs from chapter to chapter, giving a lot of black artists the opportunity to show off their styles without feeling like they all have to draw everything the same, which complements the “dream-like” quality of its story. The sheer amount of worldbuilding, dedication and planning that went into the creation of this book will never fail to astound me, and I can see this book becoming a key fixture of my bookshelf. My only gripe was that the novel was too short, which fails to hinder my appreciation of every other aspect mentioned in this review. I hope to see more quality prose, art and worldbuilding like this from Swordsfall in the future!

    Elizabeth Anne Orchard
    5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, engaging art and a highly intriguing story.

    Drift of Dreams is a masterful example of immersive fantasy in a unique sci-fi, Afro-punk setting, brought to life with a strong storytelling voice and harmonious creative collaboration. In a story all about travelling through dreamworlds, having each chapter be illustrated by a different artist is not only a celebration of diversity, but also feels like a natural direction of using the graphic medium itself to explore fluid human perspectives. The world of Swordsfall is also richly imagined, giving the reader the sense of this being only one slice of a much larger universe. In true immersive style, the rules and development of this world is clearly delivered, giving the reader just enough information to put together the nitty-gritty mysteries on their own. I am highly interested in discovering other works in this same universe, as Swordsfall seems to be truly adept at telling larger stories in standout, standalone chapters! 10/10

    Well worth the wait

    I backed the kickstarter and eagerly followed it's progress. Great art and storyline.

    Hot Damn this is GREAT!

    The story starts as an adventure and ends on a lesson about people. The change in artists between chapters helps in telling the story, and all the artist bring their own style to shape and light the tale. In short, the art is great. I will reread this story again soon, and need to reread poems by Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes. It touches on all parts of dreams, the goals and aspirations of the waking world and the true desires and surrealism of sleep.

    For now though, I need to dwell on my own emotions.

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