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Swordsfall RPG - An Afropunk Sci Fantasy Roleplaying Game (COMING SOON!)
The central rulebook for the Swordsfall Roleplaying Universe.   Kickstarter coming after Welcome to Tikor is released (Late 2020/Early 2021)!   Swordsfall RPG is what's called a Cinematic Game. That means that rather than rely completely on the dice to...
The Summit of Kings - Battle for the Supreme Jalen, A Swordsfall Adventure
NO COREBOOK NEEDED! THIS IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT. Softcover Available on Amazon! The Summit of Kings is a 2 - 4 player one-shot set in the Swordsfall universe. It can be played in several different ways. You can play it...
$12.99 from $4.99
Tikor: The Professionals (Digital Pre-Order)
 Pre-Order Now! Each of the professions will have a full-sized illustration showing off what the profession does best. As far as content, this will be all about the fluff of Tikor's most powerful Hekan users. From details about the brutal...
Welcome to Tikor - The Swordsfall Setting and Artbook
Pre-Order Now! Release in Spring 2021 A Journey into an Afropunk Sci-Fantasy Universe Welcome to Tikor will be a full color, hardcover book that highlights the world of Tikor, the planet the story of Swordsfall takes place on. With this...
from $29.99

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