The Bank Heist: A Swordsfall Lore Book (The Chronicles of Tikor)
Four Pirates Walk into a Bank... Mustaf was having a normal day until the Killer Krew walked into his bank. The unofficial king of pirates, Nubia, is looking for something. And when she wants something, she gets it. Accompanied by...
from $1.99
Volume 1: Tikor, the Beginning - A Swordsfall Lore Book (The Chronicles of Tikor)
"Tikor is a world where deities and spirits are as real as the nature that surrounds them." Since the earliest writings of mankind, the gods have been there with them. Swordsfall isn't just a story, it's a world. It's a dive...
Volume 2: Garuda, the Emerald Bastion
"Green As Far As The Eye Can See" While Garuda is the name of the entire region, in a sense it is more of a united kingdom of distinct territories than one unified mass. Foremost among these territories is the...
Xavian, The Withering King: A Swordsfall Lore Book (The Chronicles of Tikor)
On Amazon! It’s hard to imagine why any sentient being would willingly create an entity as maleficent as Xavian. If a supreme deity had such power, why construct something so destructive? This line of speculation has caused many on Tikor to...

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